Large Clubs Are Now Preparing Calling Cards for Guinea

The bet on young talents from Guinea-Bissau about to bear fruit.

22 de Fevereiro, 2018

After a trip in search of new talents by lands of Guinea-Bissau, the debut of PR10 by African lands is bearing fruit.

The PR10 has always believed in the potential of Guinea- Bissau's children, having been the first place to visit. In addition to the distribution of materials and equipment by the children, they had the opportunity to observe the talent of the small players who live and play in impressive conditions. That's why Paulo Regula and his team will give some of the young talent to avenge in the world of international football.

The negotiations are already on the table and will be the first of many small talent hirings that will have the opportunity to show what the most influential entrepreneurs in the world of football are worth. It will be a chance for many young Guineans to travel to Europe and fulfill the dream of belonging to great European teams and be part of the range of success stories of the PR10 team.